Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Max Frisch - Great Valley Onsernone

today with Damian chasing the sun we are in the wild and beautiful valley in the Ticino Onsernone. The way is "Max Frisch" dedicated to the famous Swiss writer who lived in the Valley for some time, and salt on plates to poles sx "For an angel ...". Cold Day! with a little 'in the afternoon sun to warm their hands. The 'environment Onsernone is magical, especially in autumn and winter, during the climb we saw herds of deer running in the woods!
The road is pretty good and relaxing in this half-day ...

Max Frisch

240 m
6b + OBB.
Espo South
Attack: 900 m.


Reach (Locarno) Berzona Onsernone Valley, immediately after the town you pass a bridge over which there are few open spaces for parking. Go back and find a stone cairn on the left on a wall just before the bridge, follow the trail (omit) going into the forest to the base of the plates. All rooms on the right "to an angel ..." (Name), the first on the left is "Max Frisch" (left salt "vegia street" name).


L1: On straight plate to rest. 6th - 50 m.
L2: Overcoming directly the roof plates and then the final blade. 6b - 55 m.
L3: In oblique left to take the slot to be protected then straight up to the plate and strapiombino stop (to the left, that's right for you dive). 6th - 40 m.
L4: straight on and then backed up the most beautiful plates parked. 5c - 50 m.
L5: Plate of adhesion on the left and then straight to work to break plates. 6b + - 50 m
L6: plates resting until the end of the structure. 4th - 55 m.


In double on the way with six conductors.


Equipped to fix is \u200b\u200bnot always close, bring some friends the average 10 referrals and 60 m ropes Stops ok to let down.


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